We are Elsey store.
Founded in 2012 – California.

Elsey Store was founded in 2012 by Jack Sparrow and Will Turner, It is the largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer and offers over 1 lakh branded products. Founders worked for selling.com, and left to create their new company incorporated in April 2012 as Elsey Online Store Pvt. Ltd. in California that mainly focused in online shopping.

[elsey_service service_image=”2505″ open_link=”true” service_title=”|title:Free%20Shipping||” read_more_link=”#” read_more_title=”Read more”]WooCommerce that bring value to your business in Ecommerce.[/elsey_service]
[elsey_service service_image=”2505″ open_link=”true” service_title=”|title:Mobile%20App||” read_more_link=”#” read_more_title=”Read more”]Elsey can perfectly adapt any type of device based on its screen size.[/elsey_service]
[elsey_service service_image=”2505″ open_link=”true” service_title=”url:%23|title:World%20Wide||” read_more_link=”#” read_more_title=”Read more”]Well structured code ensures smooth experience in search engines.[/elsey_service]
[elsey_service service_image=”2505″ open_link=”true” service_title=”url:%23|title:Fashion%20Design||” read_more_link=”#” read_more_title=”Read more”]Stunning and eye catching design makes your theme attractive.[/elsey_service]

Elsey is a perfect
art for your online store

We are mainly focused on Woo-commerce theme with elegance and simplicity that perfect for your any type of creative online business.

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